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Aria's Cardshop

CEDH Royal Rumble - Part 3

CEDH Face off!

Registration is closed
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Time & Location

2023. jún. 10. 10:00 – 2023. jún. 11. 18:00

Aria's Cardshop, Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 6, 1074 Hungary

About the event

The time has come....

Aria's Cardshop presents...

The largest prize pool event hosted by a store in Budapest!


The date has been changed from May 27 to June 10th to accommodate foreign players and give more time for preparation.


OVER 1,000 EUROS In prizes and singles!


Location: Aria's Cardshop

Date: 10/06/2023

Registration end: 9:55 am

Entry Fee: 10,000 Huf (27 Euros)

Judge will be present

Maximum capacity:

48 players (we can extend to 56, but no more)

Everyone is Guaranteed to recieve 1 Draft Booster of Phyrexia All will be One for participation, regardless of standing.

To reserve your spot, you must comment under this post

For players coming from outside Hungary, entry fee must be paid within 48 hours of commenting.(the details will be provided via PM)

For Hungarian players, not local to Budapest, please process your payment via transfer within 24 hours of commenting.

Entry fee is non refundable

all proxies must be colour print and neatly cut

This is NOT an officially sanctioned wizards tournament, Aria's Cardshop is facilitating a casual and community driven tourney.

Prizes: (minimum 24 players)

1st: GD savannah

2nd: jeweled lotus

3rd: smothering tithe (judge promo)

4th: k'rrik, son of yawgmoth (judge promo)

5th - 8th = 3 draft boosters(including base pack)

Prizes: (minimum 32 players)

1st place: GD savannah

2nd place: Mana crypt

3rd place: jeweled lotus

4th place: smothering tithe (judge promo)

5th - 8th = 5 Draft boosters(including base pack)

Prizes: (minimum 44 players)

1st place: GD savannah

2nd place: EX Gilded drake (german)

3rd place: Mana crypt

4th place: jeweled lotus

5th: smothering tithe (judge promo)

6th: k'rrik, son of yawgmoth (judge promo)

7th: Rhystic Study

8th: Urza, lord High Artificer (Full art)

Lucky draw:

x1 Limited Edition Ingot

x1 playmat (mystery )

x1 judge promo training ground

Player list:

1.Bartsch David

2.Krisztian Salgo

3.Gergely Cseri

4.Varga Bela

5.Miklos Elek

6.Carlos Ballesteros

7.Martin Major

8.Bence Sas









(Will grow as players join)

Aria's Cardshop, You'll Never Leave Empty-Handed!

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