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Free Shipping For Order Above 12 Boxes (2 Cases)!

Pre-Order Ends: July 31st

Pre-Payment Bonus = 1x AMB Booster pack per box!


Releasing October 11th, 2024


Mortal Ambition is a standard set that supports all seven classes, with a focus on the Mage and Warrior classes.


Product Info:

• 229 unique cards in the set

• 238 foil variations in the set

• 15 randomly inserted cards per pack

• 24 booster packs per booster box

• 24 booster packs per booster box

• 6 booster boxes per case


Rarity Distribution:

75C / 59U / 55R / 32SR / 8UR / 11CSR / 1CUR


*First Edition (1E) boosters are printed in a single wave and won’t be reprinted.

Mortal Ambition (First Edition) Booster Box

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