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This page has all the information you will need to understand and participate in Aria's Cardshop's first Sealed League!


What is the Sealed League?

It's a weekly 3 month long sealed league with the point of collecting as many points as possible during the 3 months of the league.

The first 11 weeks of the league consist of Best of 3 events, with as many rounds as Event Link generates. 

After the end of week 11, the 8 players with the most points are invited to a special, discounted (5000HUF) draft. The standing of this draft will determine the final standings and prize distribution.

Each week participants have the choice of buying a draft booster to add to their sealed pool and improve their deck with. This however is not required, participants may choose not to buy another pack.



Only the top 8 participants receive additional prizes, which are the following:

  1. Wilds of Eldraine Bundle

  2. Mystery Playmat

  3. 3 WOE Set Boosters

  4. 3 WOE Set Boosters

  5. 2 WOE Draft Boosters

  6. 2 WOE Draft Boosters

  7. 2 WOE Draft Boosters

  8. 2 WOE Draft Boosters


League Rules

The league has a set of rules that are to be followed to ensure the enjoyment of the league for everyone and to guarantee the integrity of the league.

The rules are as follows:

  • Your sealed pool and consequent packs must be recorded by the shop via. a photo

  • Your sealed pool must be handed over to the shop after each event

  • Each event follows the Event Link recommendations

  • The league is point based

    • Win = 3 points​

    • Draw = 1 point

    • Loss = 0 points

  • Not coming to an event will lead to you missing a point collecting opportunity, but does not come with any penalties​

  • Point collection will last 9 weeks, the 10th week's competition will be a draft for the top 8 players

  • The weekly draft booster pack is optional, you are not required to purchase one to participate


  • The prizepool is designed for 20 or less players, if there are 21 or more players participating, the prizepool will grow

  • It is recommended to join 8 out of the 11 weekly events to get into the top 8

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