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Grand Archive European Webcam League

Aria's Cardshop is the proud host of the European Grand Archive Webcam League. We host events every Friday and Sunday, and welcome all players from across the continent. 

event schedule.png

We host 2 Free to enter events each week on the following days:

  • Friday Night GA:

       18:30 Central European Standard Time

  • Standard Sunday

       15:30 Central European Standard Time

All of the events can be found on the Omnidex , To join the events please be sure to RSVP and be a part of the EU discord server!

  • Each prize winner will be contacted individually by Aria via discord

  • Your rewards will be collected and shipped during the first week of each month.

  • The shipping cost must be paid for by the prize winner.

  • Should you choose not to claim your prizes, they will be automatically added to the EU Jackpot!

  • Jackpot event will be a free-to-join, EU residents-only event and it will take place on a Saturday.

Ga june calendar.png

Lucky Draws!

During the last weekend of each month, there will be a Lucky draw for each event.

The lucky draw will not include dropped players.

Friday Night GA:

  • 1x Offical Grand Archive playmat      

Standard Sunday:

  • 1x Offical Grand Archive playmat

  • 1x Offical Grand Archive Leather Deck box

Now for our event prize structures

Standard Sunday

  • These events are exclusive to players residing within the EU/UK. 

 1st place:

  1. 1x Foil Online Reward Promo Ordinary Bear

  2. 1x Normal Online Reward Promo Ordinary Bear

  3. 12x Booster Packs

  4. 3x Gold Event Packs

  5. 2x Silver Event Packs


 2nd place:

  1. 1x Normal Online Reward Promo Ordinary Bear

  2. 6x Booster Packs

  3. 1x Gold Event Pack

  4. 2x Silver Event Packs

3rd & 4th Place:

  1. 1x Normal Online Reward Promo Ordinary Bear

  2. 3x Booster Packs

  3. 2x Silver Event Packs

5th - 8th Place:

  1. 1x Silver Event Packs

  2. 1x Normal Online Reward Promo Ordinary Bear

Friday Night GA

  • These events are open to all players from across the world! 

  • These events are locked at 3 rounds only

2 Wins:

     2x Booster Packs

3 Wins: 

     3x Booster packs

Rookie Reward;

      Last place by standing gets 1 Booster pack (not including dropped players)

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