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Pauper League

Find all the information you need about our third pauper league happening between the 15th of April and the 23rd of June 2024 here!


Pauper League Calendar.png

Welcome to the Third Aria's Cardshop Pauper League! We have singles and other fun surprises in store for you!

The initial rounds of this event will happen between April 15th and June 9th 2024. The top 8 playoffs will happen between June 10th and 23rd. With an entry fee of 6,000HUF it gives everyone a chance to win amazing singles for your decks! You also get store credit to buy the rest of the cards you need!

Here are our prizes!

1st place - 4x MMA Spellstutter Sprite & 12,000HUF Store Credit

2nd place - 4x 3ED Lightning Bolt & 8,000HUF Store Credit

3rd place - 4x 3ED Dark Ritual & 6,000HUF Store Credit

4th place - 4x APC Standard Bearer & 6,000HUF Store Credit

5th place - 4x A25 Brainstorm & 6,000HUF Store Credit

6th place - 4x DIS Utopia Sprawl & 6,000HUF Store Credit

7th place - 4x VIS Crypt Rats & 6,000HUF Store Credit

8th place - 4x SOI Thraben Inspector & 6,000HUF Store Credit

This event is NOT Proxy Legal, you can buy all the pauper singles you need at our shop!

Please fill our registration form here!

Find the league rules below!


  1. A minimum of 10 players is required for the advertised prize pool.

  2. Games can be played at any time and any location that is agreeable by both players, however, it is recommended that the games be played at Aria’s Cardshop so the staff (Aria/Adam) can assist with any rules disputes and questions.

  3. Top 8 playoffs MUST be played at Aria’s Cardshop during the store’s Operating hours (3 p.m. to 11 p.m.).

  4. All league participants have access to and must report their results on the League sheet on the shared Google Docs.


  5. The duration of the league is as follows:
    - 8 Weeks for the League matches
    - 2 Weeks for the top 8 playoffs
    - 2 weeks break

  6. All league matches MUST end and be reported within roughly 56 days (8 weeks) from the time the league began.

  7. On the last day of the 8 weeks (Sunday), all players who haven’t played their matches must come to Aria’s Cardshop, and should any player fail to show up for their match by 9 p.m. will receive a game loss.

  8. Should all league matches end sooner than 8 weeks, the top 8 playoffs may begin early as well. However the schedule for the upcoming leagues won’t be shifted, only the break is extended.

  9. The finals match must be scheduled at least 2 days ahead of time so a stream of the match can be scheduled and organized.


  10. Open Decklist 

  11. Decklists will become available in a public Google Drive when the pairings become available.

  12. You may have a printed decklist of your opponents' deck with you and view it during play.

  13. You cannot edit, write or adjust the printed decklist in any way during or before the match, it must look exactly like the decklist available on Google Drive by the end of the match. (No writing, No highlights, etc…)

  14. Decklists Must be submitted in an appropriate and official deck registration sheet through our signup sheet

  15. Payment for the league can be done via the following methods:
    - Website
    - In-store payment (Cash/Card)


  16. For disagreements and rules disputes, please only contact Aria/Adam and they will help resolve or will contact a judge to help resolve the issue.

  17. The games will be played using the following format:

    1. Best of 5

    2. Games 1 and 2 = No sideboard

    3. Games 3 - 5 = Sideboard

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